Friday, 13 January 2017

Head Transplants

Head Transplants

You knew it was going to happen some day--head transplants!  This week many students were very successful in transplanting their own heads onto a stick person body.  So far none of the stick bodies have rejected their new heads, which is a relief.  In fact, some of the transplant recipients are doing so well they have begun to travel the world.  Check them out below (link).

5 Card Photo Story

Students worked on their creativity this week with the 5 Card Photo Story activity.  Students were shown 5 images and then asked to come up with a short story involving all 5 images.  After each student told their story, their peers gave appreciations--commenting on what the storyteller did well in their story.  The stories the students came up with were diverse, interesting and often very funny!  The feedback they received from their peers was really positive and specific.  Below are the images the students had to work with (link).

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