Friday, 13 June 2014

Student Radio to Air on Peach City Radio starting June 16th!

I'm excited to let families know that student radio shows will begin airing on Peach City Radio starting on Monday June 16th!  Each week a new 30 minute episode will be released.  Each episode will play four times over the week and then it will be archived and available for listening on demand.


Each new episode airs 4 times over the course of the week as follows.
9am Mondays
1am Tuesdays-- **Note I had earlier listed this incorrectly as 1pm.
9pm Wednesdays
3pm Thursdays
After approximately 6pm on Thursdays the episode will be available in the program archive area here for on demand streaming or download anytime.


For 'live' episodes check out the schedule above and then go to and click on the big Listen Now! button on the right side of the screen.
Listen Now! button on the Peach City Radio website.

For archived episodes go to our program page here and click on the episode title to stream the episode or click on the download icon to download it.
Download icon


Below are descriptions of the episodes.

Episode 1 -- Airing the week of June 16th (Now in the archive here)
What do ants, manatees, sharks, chipmunks, and rabbits have in common?  They are all featured on episode 1 of The Creation Station!  Also on this episode you'll get to hear some sweet tunes and learn about Morse Code, Pig Latin, and Swedish.
Contributors to this week's episode were; Braidy, Jordan, Ellen, Luke, Katie U, Dija, Kailey, Ryan A, Ryan M, Rhett, Jessica, Lauren, Elijah, Sean, Aoife, Grace L, Ricki, McGarry, Harry, Gina,  Stephanie H, and Zack K.

Episode 2 -- Airing the week of June 23rd (Now in the archive here)
In this episode we look at a variety of languages and ways of communicating -- for people and animals!  Under the topic of how animals communicate we hear from Stephanie H about puppies and kittens, Niamh about birds, and Leigha tells us about using German commands with dogs.  In terms of how people communicate, Katie B tells us about sign language, Nicola about Braille, and Joycey and Kristen explain how to speak Chip Latin.  We also have the story A Squash and a Squeeze from the Penticton grade 1 - 2 class (Ellen, Luke, Katie U, Jayda, Kailey, Ryan A, Ryan M, & Rhett), music selections from Logan, a lesson on how to beatbox from Tristan as well as information on Robert E Lee from Fynn and George.  What a show!

Episode 3 -- Airing the week of June 30th (Now in the archive here)
In this episode you'll hear Guess That Song... And Riddles! from Danica and Nicola, Morse Code from Amy, and Igpay Atinlay from Maia and Jamie.  Tori and Olivia K will tell us about Dolphin Communication, Kehler has our station ID, Katie D will let us know about Satellites, and Jaras, Miles and Graham will share what they've learned about The Enigma Machine.  You'll also hear Bird Feed! from Josh D and Isaac M and Bug Talk (the one about grasshoppers) from Braidy and Jordan.  Ricki and Gebrielle will tell us about Semaphore, Olivia L will describe Foot Flagging in Frogs, and Marcus will wrap things up for us with The Music Channel.

Episode 4 -- Airing the week of July 7th  (After July 10th will be in the archive here)
In this episode you will hear Ashley with Communication Online, Connor with information on ASCII and Binary, Thea and Grace with Echolocation, Oscar and Harjas with Science and Stuff! (Hieroglyphics), Josh K with our Station ID and Holden with his Super Story.  You will also hear another segment of Bug Talk with Jordan, Braidy and special guest Eloise.  Stephanie T will tell us about Italian Communication and Chloe and Stephanie H will spin us some tunes with their Music of the 21st Century.  Enjoy!

Episode 5 -- Airing the week of July 14th  (After July 17th will be in the archive here)
This episode is packed with information! Contributors are; Kieran (Morse Code), Josh K (Lynx Communication), Ty (The Enigma Machine), Kehler (Radio), Chloe and friends (Frank’s House of Chairs), Liam and Jimmy (Braille), Sasha and Paul (The AGR Show), Braidy, Jordan and Guests (Bug Talk / NexGen Communication), Mykenna (Sign Language), Oscar and Niamh (Roald Dahl’s poem Wonka Vite), Eloise (Wolf Communication), Connor (Removing a Computer Virus), Caitlin S (Animal Communication) and Stephanie H and Chloe (Music of the 21st Century). Enjoy!

Episode 6 -- Airing the week of July 21st (After July 24th will be in the archive here)
This is the final episode of The Creation Station.
Contributors to this episode are; Harry and McGarry (4m’s Show: More Sleep For Kids), Tori and Olivia K (Dolphins), Danica (Morse Code), Chloe (Steganography), Jordan and Braidy and guests (NexGen Communication the one about hockey), the Wednesday morning grade 5 class (Thank You Chris Walker), Brandon, Isaac G, Koen, Max and Zack K with the CBC Tapes, and we wrapped things up with music from local musicians Aidan Mayes and Mandy Cole.
What a ride it's been!


The board members and programmers at Peach
 City Radio have been fabulous in supporting the students and me with our radio project.  I have attended a number of workshops through Peach City Radio to learn the ins and outs of community radio.  In addition, Peach City Radio board members Dave Del Rizzo, Jackie Del Rizzo, Craig Henderson, Tim Tweed, and Larry Saidman visited the classes and shared their expertise and experience with the students, and in some cases they were able to listen to student shows and offer feedback.  Their passion for community radio is amazing!  They are all volunteers and I am grateful to them for their support and for hosting our show.  In particular I'd like to thank Dave and Jackie Del Rizzo.  Dave contacted me last spring and after conversations back and forth via e-mail he, Jackie and I met to sketch out some initial ideas.