Friday, 4 December 2015

Taking a Bite Out of Crime

Here are a few of the things we did... This Week In Gifted!

Chomp Chomp!

All of the classes did a bite mark activity similar to the first part of this activity.  We made impressions of our teeth by biting down on sections of styrofoam plates.  Then we placed acetate sheets over the bite marks and traced them.  This allowed us to overlay bite marks from two different students to see how they compared.  These bite mark samples will form part of our data bank and will be used next term when we start to stage crime scenes / mysteries.  Stay tuned!

5 Item Story

Last week the students were introduced to BitStrips, an online comic creation application, and they created their avatars.  This week they were assigned an activity similar to the 5 Card Photo Story described here.  Their task was to create a comic strip story that included:
- a chicken or duck
- a musical instrument
- a doctor (or nurse or dentist)
- water
- a vehicle
The strip had to be at least 4 panels long and characters had to have poses and expressions that suited the story.  The students all got a great start on their stories.  The learning curve is steep and we are all learning together how to manipulate characters and scenes.  Completed comics are shared (once approved by me) to the class gallery.  You can see some of the comics here.  There are some single panel comics from another activity called 'My Favourite Place' as well as the '5 Item Story' submissions.  More '5 Item Story' submissions we be added soon!  
Instructions on how to sign on to BitStrips were e-mailed home last week in case your child would like to log on from home (and has your permission to do so).  If your child has forgotten their individual password please send me a quick e-mail.  

Last Class

This week was the last class for the Wednesday morning Penticton grade 5 class and the Thursday afternoon Penticton grade 2/3 class.  Next week (December 7th - 11th) will be the last class for the Tuesday afternoon Summerland AIM/ASPIRE class and the Wednesday afternoon Penticton grade 4 class.  All Gifted Program classes resume the week of January 4th.  
Thanks for checking in to see what we've been up to!